Due to a number of factors, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the informedOB offering. As such we will not be accepting new subscribers nor auto-renewing any current subscriptions. If you have an existing subscription, it will be honored until its expiration. Please contact [email protected] if you have questions or would like to discuss alternatives for your site.


You asked us for an information resource targeted to individuals

After a decade of helping obstetrical teams improve their culture and clinical knowledge we’ve developed a new information resource to help individuals like you stay current with best practices. INFORMEDOB was created as an online platform, comprising clinical chapters and tools designed specifically for healthcare professionals not affiliated with an OB team at a hospital.

What you said

“I am a family medicine resident and would like to access some clinical content in obstetrics. Do you have an online clinical resource I could use?”
- Family Medicine Resident
“I am a RN and I would like to find something online for continuing education. I am not affiliated with a hospital at the moment but used to work in obstetrics.”
- Registered Nurse
“As an International Medical Graduate, I am looking for a resource to improve my competence and fulfill the requirements for local positions. Could you please provide me with more information. How can I sign up for it? Where can I get the materials?”
- International Medical Graduate
“I am a midwifery student and am entering my senior year in May. I am curious if I can access clinical content online to prepare myself.”
- Midwifery Student
“I am a family medicine resident and am on a rural block with lots of OB, have a few more blocks left of OB call, and am debating an extra bit of training in low risk OB.”
- Family Medicine Resident

Keep your knowledge up-to-date

Medical knowledge is constantly changing and we conduct peer-reviewed annual updates to INFORMEDOB so that you can stay current. If you deal with maternal health in your clinical practice, INFORMEDOB is a critical component of your continuing education.
Are you part of an OB team?
INFORMEDOB is tailored for individual study. If you are part of a clinical team at a hospital, you'll want to take a look at how MOREOB can help your team provide the best care for mothers and their newborns.